Mix test samples

Readymix delivered 3km min 4 cubic metres (20MPa) = $225+GST June 2013

Besserblock 400X200- 300 thick $4.50 June 2013 (400X200-200 thick $2.70)                    Ca 13 blocks/square metre

EcoBlock Specs https://www.eco-blockaustralia.com.au/product-specs.htm

Fire Rating*

2 hours

4 hours

4 hours

Sound Insulation*

42 dB

51 dB

51+ dB

Thermal Insulation*

U- Value







* concrete filled

MasonryBock/AACBlock/LifeBlock=GBP130=AUD218/m^2 finished with render.

Target result – with 1 part slag/ash to 8 parts moisten hemp hurd with 28 day strength >7MPa    using the binder below ca $140 / cubic meter assuming compacted volume is 5 cubic metres from one tonne slag/ash in the cement. Note the compacted volume = 5 parts  Target hurd dry weight per litre 250grams


  • NaOH flakes   20g 
  • Sodium Silicate solution 20g
  • H2O    60g


  • GGBFS   100g
  • Flyash    100g


  • Hurd 1 litre loose passing 5mm not 2.5mm sieve mixed with 200g activator (twice the above amount)
  • mix hurd and activator well, add flyash and mix then add GGBFS mix well.
  • compact well. Compacted volume ca 1/2 litre
  1. Mix 1.
  • 100g GGBFS + 100g Flyash (loose volume GGBFS + Flyash =150ml)
  • 580ml mixed hempcrete compacted to 350ml
  •  Need 7MPa for load bearing wall.
  • Area of cylinder A=5,811 test load >=4,000kg (=7N/mm^2*A/10)
  • 1 tonne slag/flyash yields 3.5 cubic metres compacted hempcrete (wall 5m x 2m x 350mm thick)



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