Binders Cement production and CO2 emission predictions In 1994 Professor Joseph Davidovits of Caen University was the first to document the climate change implications associ-ated with high levels of PC production. According to Davidovits a worldwide freeze of … Continue reading


This 257 sq. ft. (interior) $300 earthbag dome home provides safe, decent, affordable shelter. It is owner built and can be expanded later with a bit of pre-planning to create larger structures. The Stone Dome is made with geopolymer cast … Continue reading


(MgO)-cement MIX-O Lime, Portland cement with 20% flyash, Lime(2parts vol) + PC(4parts vol) + Re-pulped Paper sludge (16 parts vol) MIX-1 Magnesium Low reactive, Portland Cement Flyash / Granulated blast furnace slag MgO(2parts vol) + PC(1parts vol) + GBFS(20%) + … Continue reading